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Gaige, a refugee from Missouri, is a remarkable young man. A month before his mom and dad packed up their family and moved to Colorado, Gaige was on life-support.  He was dying.  From an early age, seizures completely altered not only his life but that of his whole family.  He couldn’t live a normal life, go to school, or play like other kids.
His parents didn’t know what to expect for their young son.  All they knew was that they would have to act quickly if they were going to be able to save his life.  Whatever that took, they were committed to meet the challenge.  Hearing that Cannabis oil could stop pediatric seizures was all Gaige’s parents needed to hear to move them to Colorado.

Not long after beginning Cannabis therapy provided by Mark Pedersen, Gaige’s countenance began changing. Today, he looks and acts like any young boy.  Only difference, he receives a small pediatric dose of Cannabis oil – a dose that his school nurse called “Incredible” and “therapeutically dosed” due to his seizure control and increased performance in school.

It was a costly thing that Gaige’s mother and father had to do – not every family is as fortunate –  uprooting themselves and settling in an unfamiliar and distant place.  But their sacrifice brought a remarkable reward.
Now a healthier young man, Gaige’s only regret was that his treatment bound him to within the borders of Colorado and convicted him of being a criminal solely on the basis of his life saving treatment.
He missed his cousins and grandparents but when asked at school what he wanted to do when he grew up, he gave an interesting answer.  He said, “I want to make Cannabis oil so other kids get well like me.”

It is for his work with chronically and terminally ill children and adults that Mark is currently facing the equivalent of a life sentence in Colorado. Why? For providing education and free medicine to the poor and dying.

We need your physical and financial support to see that justice is brought for Mark Pedersen and for Ron Niehouse, his good friend and colleague, who was also charged.
Please spread the word. Pedersen and Niehouse need strong support, in the media and in court. Please help financially by giving to their GoFundMe, Justice for Pedersen and Niehouse

Mark can be contacted directly at

For the whole story, follow this link…  “My Life as a Colorado Cannabis Caregiver”

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