The Patients’ Story – Cassidy







This little lady, Cassidy, had more time than other terminally ill children brought to Mark Pedersen.  Her cancer appeared to be slower growing.  She just might have a chance.
Her parents, throughout her most recent chemo, stayed in an RV parked in the Aurora (Colorado) Children’s Hospital parking lot.  How could Pedersen say no to a young couple with such a need?

Young Cassidy improved on Mark’s oil.  So much so, her parents decided to return to Kansas following the conclusion of her last chemotherapy treatment.  Unfortunately, a few days after arriving home, Cassidy began having intense migraines.  The migraines advanced into coma, and, very quickly, she was gone.
Cassidy had a fast growing, previously undiscovered brain tumor. It ruptured, causing her death.

Very little has prepared Pedersen for the loss of life that he has witnessed, not to mention, the loss of so many children.  Certainly, few would expect spontaneous recovery in even one of these children, but, where does he draw the line?  When should he give up? When faced with parents saying, “You’re our only hope,” How could he not try?

It is for his work with chronically and terminally ill children and adults that Mark is currently facing the equivalent of a life sentence in Colorado. Why? For providing education and free medicine to the poor and dying.

We need your physical and financial support to see that justice is brought for Mark Pedersen and for Ron Niehouse, his good friend and colleague, who was also charged.
Please spread the word. Pedersen and Niehouse need strong support, in the media and in court. Please help financially by giving to their GoFundMe, Justice for Pedersen and Niehouse

Mark can be contacted directly at

For the whole story, follow this link…  “My Life as a Colorado Cannabis Caregiver”

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