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Rocky came to Mark Pedersen in bad shape.  A family man in his 40’s, he had already been battling rectal cancer for a while.  Invasive surgeries had already claimed his rectum requiring a colostomy.
Rocky had shoed horses for a living back in Texas.  Cancer long since took that from him.  When he came to Pedersen, he was desperate just to live.

Suppositories were not possible because of the invasiveness of his previous surgical procedures.  This meant that oral dosing would be the only means of administration.  Oral, particularly with late stage cancers, poses the issue of tolerance.  The human body can adjust to ever increasing doses of cannabis oil, even very high doses, but it takes time.
The average edible purchased at a dispensary may have 10 to 40 milligrams of cannabis concentrate infused.  This amount could be incapacitating for most new to cannabis therapies.  Understanding that cancer regiments are normally geared to eventually arrive at 1 gram, or 1000 milligrams, and that oral dosing can be significantly more euphoric.  Time is in short supply for most cancer patients.
It was obvious, Rocky had his work cut out for him.

In the months that followed, Rocky improved.  First scan showed his tumor had reduced by half.  When Pedersen later met with him in Colorado Springs, he was so impressed with how healthy he looked.  Rocky stated that a couple weeks earlier, he and a friend shoed horses all day.  He felt so good, the next day, he shoed horses by himself.  He told Mark that his biggest goal now was to return to work full time.
Two days later, he texted Mark.  His tumor had again shrunk by half.

Rocky struggled for months trying to pull together what he needed. His family and friends did fundraisers, they produced tee shirts, Rocky even wrote a book.  Rocky was a fighter (pun intended). But terminal illness wears on one. Living with the fears night and day.
Accessing FECO where he lived in Texas, even with the support of his community, proved impossible for Rocky.  He was forced to resolve himself to conventional cancer therapy.  It was that which ultimately claimed his life.

It is for his work with chronically and terminally ill children and adults that Mark is currently facing the equivalent of a life sentence in Colorado. Why? For providing education and free medicine to the poor and dying.

We need your physical and financial support to see that justice is brought for Mark Pedersen and for Ron Niehouse, his good friend and colleague, who was also charged.
Please spread the word. Pedersen and Niehouse need strong support, in the media and in court. Please help financially by giving to their GoFundMe, Justice for Pedersen and Niehouse

Mark can be contacted directly at

For the whole story, follow this link…  “My Life as a Colorado Cannabis Caregiver”.

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