The Patients’ Story – Kandace






Immediately following the passing of so many precious children, as these things often do, there was Kandace.  Kandace’s parents came from Montana, making a home in Denver to try desperately to save their two year old.  When Mark Pedersen first heard of Kandace, she had been given only one week to live. He had to act quickly.

Pedersen met the father at their apartment.  There was a solemn air. Kandace was in a lot of pain.  Her mother was laying next to her in the next room.  Grandparents, fresh in from Montana, milled about, helping as they could.  Mark could hear the little one whimpering and catch fleeting glimpses of her restless movements as those caring for her passed in and out of the bedroom.
Standing in the kitchen, Pedersen demonstrated the process of making coconut oil suppositories.  Placing them in the freezer to set, he was confident this articulate young dad would be able to replicate my actions, despite the unimaginable stress he was under.
A few days later, the father texted Mark that Kandace was doing better.  It was promising.  Kandace was more active and seemed to be experiencing less pain.  A few more days and he texted: “She’s holding her own.” She had made it well beyond the “week” that the doctors had given her.

Then the long pause that Pedersen dreaded so.

Kandace’s father called Pedersen.   He bravely held his composure as he thanked Mark for trying to help.  They truly believed that the Cannabis oil not only extended her life, but also made her final days more bearable.  Kandace passed at home with her family close by.

It is for his work with chronically and terminally ill children and adults that Mark is currently facing the equivalent of a life sentence in Colorado. Why? For providing education and free medicine to the poor and dying.

We need your physical and financial support to see that justice is brought for Mark Pedersen and for Ron Niehouse, his good friend and colleague, who was also charged.
Please spread the word. Pedersen and Niehouse need strong support, in the media and in court. Please help financially by giving to their GoFundMe, Justice for Pedersen and Niehouse

Mark can be contacted directly at

For the whole story, follow this link…  “My Life as a Colorado Cannabis Caregiver”

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