The Patients’ Story – Jack Quinn




Jack Quinn suffers from basil and squamous cell Skin cancer.   Mark Pedersen has known him for some time.  For the last few years, Mark has been providing his oil.  He’s doing well with suppositories and a topical.  They have all but stopped the progression of Jack’s cancer.  Pedersen has pledged to do all he can to accomplish this task.

The dispensary that was providing Jack’s oil before, in exchange for publicity from a video claiming to have “cured” Jack’s cancer, had finally pulled their support.  Pedersen began making his oil only because Jack could not afford it and he couldn’t bear to think of Jack going back under the knife needlessly.
You see, Jack had suffered with this affliction for over 30 years.  Over the last ten years, every three months he has had two to three lesions cut off and another three to four burned off with liquid nitrogen.  Pedersen did a video interview with him.  At one point, he removed his shirt, revealing the many scars that cover his body.
Its amazing the things the human body can endure.  Pedersen adds, “I am truly dumbfounded by the miraculous healing that lies only slightly beyond the reach of most patients.”

Jack has no means to pay for his medicine – most certainly not from a dispensary at their prices – and not in the amounts of concentrate that he requires.  His Medicare insurance only pays for his conventional treatments.  Of course, if he were to return to those conventional treatments, he would have to endure the pain and disability caused by the never-ending surgeries and toxic pharmaceuticals that have already compromised his kidneys.  Like most cancer patients, his body has been ravaged by the toxic side effects of prescription drugs.  Without cannabis, his long-term prognosis is not good.  As long as Pedersen can provide his cannabis, Jack has hope.

It is for his work with chronically and terminally ill children and adults that Mark is currently facing the equivalent of a life sentence in Colorado. Why? For providing education and free medicine to the poor and dying.

We need your physical and financial support to see that justice is brought for Mark Pedersen and for Ron Niehouse, his good friend and colleague, who was also charged.
Please spread the word. Pedersen and Niehouse need strong support, in the media and in court. Please help financially by giving to their GoFundMe, Justice for Pedersen and Niehouse

Mark can be contacted directly at

For the whole story, follow this link…  “My Life as a Colorado Cannabis Caregiver”.

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